A Real Home in California: Nine’s a Crowd? Maybe Not!

What do you get when you put one adult, three kids and five pets in a 100-year-old Craftsman bungalow?

Our next real home in California. 🙂

I love seeing how people lay out their spaces, especially when they have close quarters. This home looks nothing but cozy to me. What do you think?

Cyndi says:

I live in a 100-year-old Craftsman-style bungalow. Correction… I live in a 100-year-old Craftsman bungalow that is far too small for the four people and five pets that inhabit it. (Yes, that’s right, I said five pets.)
My living room and my bedroom are the two rooms I *try* to keep relatively uncluttered and kid-mess free. And this is what it USUALLY looks like… shoes on the floor and unmade bed and all…

The living room is extremely tiny and awkwardly laid out, so seating is always an issue. I found this little white bench on CL (of course) and it doubles as extra storage (as does the ottoman). No joke… my 3-year-old loves to sleep on it.

I am recently divorced and I wanted to set up my bedroom to be very girly and very “me.” However, my bedroom in this house is actually just a long, narrow room that is not technically a bedroom because it has no closet. As you can see, my king bed takes up the entire end of the room. So I have to make do with what I have. The wood paneling looks rather ghetto, I know, but I grew up in a mobile home… I’m used to it. 😉

You can read Cyndi’s blog here. I think I found three pets in these pics… can you find more?

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4 Responses to A Real Home in California: Nine’s a Crowd? Maybe Not!

  1. Sara Willis says:

    I think you could totally spruce up your room and make it super girly with not very much money, first thing I would do is paint the paneling white- also, I would paint that dresser a very cool girly color….and possibly do the lace painting on it, that will really spice it up, feminine style, then I would just get some simple bedding, light and airy, and do some fun decorative girly pillows, and I think you would have a LOVELY feel in there….is it possible to change the position of the bed and pick up little night stands to balance the bed right under the center of the window?? Sorry to comment, but I see a lot of potential!

  2. Painting the walls and dresser white are actually plans for this summer! You can kind of tell, I put in a white IKEA wardrobe and I have a white nightstand. I want to put all the furniture and walls white and accessorize with color elsewhere. I also want to put down a rug that ISNT poop brown, but I figure I’ll do that when I take out the dresser to pain it. I usually have the Liberty of London bedding on my bed or a pink floral Cynthia Rowley comforter I got a TJ Maxx for super cheap. My back up is this quilt, which is robins egg blue and white, which I can rotate through with my other sheets and everything still matches.

    I can turn the bed but it only results in about 3 inches of space on the side of the bed……..my room LITERALLY is the exact size of a king sized bed. It was fate I guess. 😉

  3. christine says:

    your living room is so cute!!! i love your little shelves in the living room and your bedroom. i need to invest in some ledge shelves, i think. they really make things look cute. i agree that paining your dresser white, and a throw rug would really girly up your room.

  4. Lance says:

    That’s what I call a livable space. Great to see you, your name and your rockin’ pad. This made me really happy.

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